My work as a photographer is mostly about people. Meeting them, photographing them and enjoying them. Many of those I’ve photographed are quite famous and recognizable, others are extraordinary in more accessible and personal ways. But regardless, people and their unique, individual stories have been the central theme of my work for over twenty years now.

Photography has also given me a keen awareness of light: its quality, color, dimension and emotional impact. That, together with a technical knowledge that is now second nature, allows me to observe and follow the moment with my camera: to see and record a glance, a touch, any element at all that resonates with meaning and tells a story.

And wedding photojournalism is storytelling at its best! There is an overflowing of joy and deeply felt emotions, of people coming together for one of life’s great blessings. It’s also a great time for a party! Good music and good food, friends and family – what more could anyone ask for?

I take pride in offering the personalized service that can only come from an artist-owned studio. In the weeks prior to your wedding day, we will have discussed your plans and expectations. I will know what you want, and who are the special friends and family members who will be there. With these preparations in mind, I can then be open to events as they unfold, to look for the spontaneous and unexpected. Real creativity, I have found, usually follows careful planning.

I work in a personable yet unobtrusive manner, preferring natural light when it is available, yet ready to provide supplemental lighting whenever it is required. I am very comfortable shooting both black and white and color, having extensive experience with each.

My method makes a virtue of simplicity: years of working in the motion picture industry, where standards are high and time is short, has given me the opportunity to develop a certain skill set for getting flattering results in a variety of situations, with a minimum of fuss.

My purpose as a wedding photojournalist is to create a heartfelt record of a very special day, in a way that celebrates what is truly personal and unique about you.

The photographs I produce will be the first heirloom of your new family. They’ll be shared not just with those who could attend, but with children and grandchildren who will want to know who was there and what you were like on that eventful day. Their meaning will only increase with the years.