Photographs are the poetry of the visual arts. Their physical scope is contained within the four edges of a single frame, and within a precise moment in time. But their ability to convey meaning and beauty is immeasurable. That is the inspiration that the medium holds for me, and it is the basis for my work as a photographer.

During my lifetime commitment to professional photography, my clients have sent me all over the world. I have photographed in many different cultures and circumstances including advertising, publicity and editorial work both in the studio and on location in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

I have worked as a Still Photographer on literally hundreds of major film and television productions, and I have had the opportunity to work with and photograph an extraordinary array of talented and creative people.

My photographs have appeared in a wide variety of book, newspaper and magazine publications, and websites worldwide.

Other special projects include:

• Photographed album covers for Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Arlo Guthrie.

• Photographed the Vice President at his residence in Washington, DC, on assignment for ABC News.

• Produced publicity and advertising photographs for a 21 concert series for Radio City Music Hall that completely sold out, setting house records for attendance.

• Images from my movie work included in the exhibit "Hollywood: Legend and Reality," created by the Smithsonian Institution and Time, Inc., that toured major venues in the United States.

• On set movie work included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

• Work included on Grace Ormonde'sWedding Style website along with the select work of pre-eminent wedding photographers from around the world.

• Photographs of the last Shaker sisters included in the collection of the Winterthur Museum.

• Produced, directed and photographed a documentary film (comprised entirely of black & white photographs) that won "Best Film" and "First Place" Awards at various film festivals, was a finalist at the American Film Festival, and has been televised in the United States and Europe.

• Taught a course for the Art Department of Williams College on the photo essay as a narrative form.

Some years ago, I started accepting private clients, shooting portraits and weddings, and found it to be extremely rewarding for me to be working on this kind of personal level for people, to be a part of their lives on such a significant day. My experience in the motion picture industry and in documentary work flows seamlessly into my approach to wedding photojournalism, allowing me to work quickly to get honest and flattering results.

This is a fascinating time to be a photographer. Photography is evolving with the continued development of innovative digital techniques. I enjoy these new opportunities. It keeps things fresh, and it allows me to offer my clients services that include the very best of what’s available.

But no matter how the tools change, some things don’t change at all. To transcend the limits of those four edges, you still need the ability to see and to be there, not just with your eyes, but with your heart and mind as well. Staying within that moment is just as inspiring as ever. And that’s what makes this work truly exciting.