In order to meet the varied needs of our clients, we offer several proofing options which can be ordered individually or in combination:

ONLINE PROOFING. As described on the online services page, this is the most convenient way to proof (and order) your photographs. The cost of this service is included in our photography fee.

PROOF MAGAZINE. Proof Magazines are spiral bound albums made up of printed 8 x 10" pages with six images to a page. The photos are numbered and categorized (Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, etc). This option is the one we recommend for anyone wanting to have proofs in printed form. A handsome, black leather cover can also be ordered for your proof magazine.

TRADITIONAL PROOF PRINTS. We can provide you with 3.5x5” watermarked & boxed proof prints.

PROOF CD. A CD of proof photos presented in an album format with accompanying music soundtrack.