Click on the link below to select an event. Then click on your event's link to view and order online photos. You will be prompted to register your name, email address and choose your own personal password.

It usually takes about three weeks from the date of the event for images to be posted for viewing. If the photographs are available, you will be asked to enter the 'event key'. The event key is usually the bride's first name (all in lower case), but if you have been given a different event key by your hosts, use that instead.

If the photos have not yet been released, be sure to click the email notification button and you will be contacted when they are available. You will not have to register again.

John Seakwood Photography provides online proofing and ordering in collaboration with Pictage, Inc. If you have any questions, please contact us, or contact Pictage Customer Service directly at their toll-free telephone number 1-877-PICTAGE or by email at


Thank you and enjoy the online photos!